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General conditions of sale


The general conditions of sale you apply in a exclusive manner to actual and future trade relations existing between the society Crew Line, the head office of which is at; le Gojat, 73470 Novalaise (SARL, to the capital 35 500 euros, RCS Chambéry 442049037, TVA n° FR80442049037 and the customer "you"), defined below as the physical person or the representative, or who has signed on their behalf, the order form.

Crew Line reserves the right to change the present general sales and conditions, without any notice precondition. If a clause of the present general conditions of sale is declared illegal, any or impracticable by a court for any reason, this clause will be renowned dissociated from other clauses and change in no way validity and opposability of these other clauses.
These conditions are available for consultation directly on our Internet site www.crewlinesports.com and can also be downloaded in form of electronic files.
The present conditions aim at defining the modalities of sale between Crew Line and the user, of order in services, by way of the payment and delivery.

1- Approval of conditions

The Customer admits having taken knowledge, at the time of the placing of order, these conditions of sale and expressly states to accept them without reserve. The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between the company Crew Line and his Customer, the two parts the acceptor without reserve. These general conditions of sale will prevail on all other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary express and written exemption.
The fact of clicking on the button “to validate” means at the same time the validation of your order and an acceptance full and without reservation with these conditions of sale. Your order is definitively accepted only after the sending by Crew Line of the summary e-mail. The data recorded by Crew Line constitute the proof of the whole of the transactions carried out on Internet site with the customers.

2- Articles

  • Presentations of the Articles
    The catalogue on line is not contractual. The articles suggested with the sale on the site of Crew Line are described and presented with greatest exactitude.
    If despite all our precautions, errors occur, no compensation would be due because of this by Crew Line. The information contained in these pages is given as an indication only. The described articles are suitable for modifications without preliminary opinion on behalf of Crew Line, because of technical improvement (forms and matters) possible. Of light variation of colour cannot involve the refusal of the acceptance of the order.

    The photographs illustrating the articles do not enter the contractual field. If errors were introduced there, it is not the responsibility of Crew Line.
  • Price of the articles
    The tariffs of the articles are indicated in Euros all inclusive of tax (including all taxes), except costs of the carriage. They can be modified constantly and without notice. All offers are valid only within the limit of stocks available.

    All the payments must be carried out in Euros.

    The prices indicated take account of the French VAT into force. If one or more of these rates came to be modified either a rise or fall in the course of season, these changes could be reflected in the price of the articles. All the articles sold on Internet site of Crew Line are invoices in including all taxes and taxable people at the rates of VAT currently in force in France.

3- Period of validity of the offers of sale

The articles are proposed with the sale within the limit of stocks. The customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible. You can request cancellation or the replacement of your order by e-mail from contact@crewlinesports.com, or telephone to the 04 79 44 12 16. In the event of ordering of an unavailable article your order will be cancelled partially or entirely according to the processes placed at our disposal.

4- Order

The systems of automatic recording are regarded as being valid proof of nature, the contents and the date of the order. Crew Line confirms the acceptance of the order to the customer with the address e-mail or the telephone number which they have communicated. The sale will not be concluded or counted as a confirmation of order, except in the case of an order placed on our Internet site, where the payment of the order on line, ensured by the system of payment in line e-transactions, and has validated the order. Crew Line reserves the right to cancel any order of a customer with who has an existing  litigation relating to the payment of a former order. The information stated by the customer, at the time of taking the order, and in which engages the customer: in the event of an error in the wording of the address of the recipient, the vendeur could not be held responsible for possible impossibility to deliver the product. Moreover, the possible increase in delivery costs caused  by a redirection of a delivery will be the responsibility of the customer. Information in connection with the customer order is the subject of an automated processing of data, for which the person in charge is the company Crew Line.

The recorded data constitutes the proof of the nature of the contents and the date of the order (for the orders with payment by bank card only). This one is filed by the company Crew Line, the customer can reach this filing by contacting the company by telephone. Modification of the order Any modification of order required by the customer can be taken into account only if it arrived before sends this one, either by telephone to the 04 79 44 12 16 or by e-mail with contact@crewlinesports.com. In the case or this order implies a return of material previously dispatched to the customer, no sending will not be made before material of the aforesaid return to Crew Line.

5- Invoicing/Payment

  • Payment Mode
    You can pay your purchases, in full safety:
    • by BANK CARD Blue chart, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard Our supplier of protected payment e-transactions of the Agricultural credit automatically invoices you in Euros.

      The levy on the account is carried out the day when your order is dispatched.

      Payment made safe by bank card.
      When you pay by Bank card, you are invited at the end of the order to indicate to us your number of chart, its validity and the last 3 figures of the cryptogram to the back of the chart. Banking information that you will seize encrypted on your computer and will be transmitted to the service of protected payment e-transactions, which means that they will not circulate “in light” on Internet and will thus be protected from any attempt from interception from the data. Your banking co-ordinates only circulate between banks and are never communicated to us. Various accesses to waiters of authorization are then carried out in order to check the validity of information provided to avoid the abuses and the frauds. For that, the seizure of your banking co-ordinates is made safe by e-transactions/Agricultural credit and all conveyed information is coded (protocol SSL). Nothing forwards in light on Internet. In addition, you are limited to a certain amount by your bank.
    • by CHEQUE, with the order of Crew Line
      If you wish to regulate by cheque, carry out the normal process of order on our Internet site. Once it (S) produced (S) selected (S) and orders it validated, a copy of your order will be sent to you by e-mail. You will be able to print this purchase order and to forward it to us in “Crew Line – le Gojat - 73470 Novalaise”. Your order will be treated as of reception of your cheque.
    • by TELEPHONE
      If you wish, you can order directly by telephone to the 04 79 44 12 16. Our specialists are at your disposal of Monday at Friday of 8h30 with 12h30 and 13h30 with 17h30. You can then regulate by cheque or bank card. For any request for information concerning an article, a size or a matter, our specialists will be able to advise you for personalized information, like guiding you in the process of order.
      If you wish, to order and regulate by credit transfer, to carry out the normal process of order with the payment by cheque and we will forward to you our banking references. You will have only to carry out the transfer. Your order will be treated as of reception of your transfer on our bank account.
  • Payment delay:
    In the event of delay of payment Crew Line reserves the right to suspend all the pending orders, without injury of any other way of action. Any sum not paid at the limit being reproduced on the invoice automatically involves and without setting in preliminary residence, the application of penalties of an amount equal to once and half the legal rate of interest, calculated by monthly payment. These penalties will be eligible on request from Crew Line.

    Moreover, in the event of non payment of the invoices at the limit agreed upon, forty eight hours after a setting in residence remained unfruitful, Crew Line will have faculty to cancel the full sale so good seems to him. The customer will have to refund all the expenses caused by the contentious covering of the sums due. Any invoice recovered by contentious service will be raised as penalty clause non deductible within the meaning of article 1229 from the civil code, an allowance fixed contractually at 20% of the amount of the unpaid invoices and this, without damages of the damages which could be due for him.

6- Reserve property and responsibility

The company Crew Line preserves the property of the goods until their integral payment on behalf of the Customer. The transfer of property of the articles to the Customer, is carried out at the time of the integral payment of the price. However, during the period running out of the delivery to the transfer of property, the risks of losses, flights or destruction are the responsibility of the Customer. The in execution by the Customer of its obligations of payment, for some cause that it is, confers on the company Crew Line the right to require the immediate restitution of the goods delivered to the expenses, risks and dangers of the Customer.

7- Delivery

  • Mode of Delivery
    After confirmation of order, Crew Line is committed delivering to its conveyor all the references ordered by the purchaser and this as soon as possible. This conveyor engages by contract with Crew Line, to deliver the order to the address of delivery indicated by the Customer, and provided to the conveyor by Crew Line.
    Moreover, for any delivery except Metropolitan France, the Customer commits himself regulating all the taxes due to the importation of articles, customs duty, value-added tax, and all other taxes due under the terms of the legislation of the country of reception of the order. With regard to the departments and overseas territories (D.O.M./T.O.M.), the expenses of delivery will be raised according to the tariff in force in the conveyor.

    The delivery will be carried out, by the Post office in Colissimo Suivi or our conveyor (in the case of an urgent delivery to consult us for the tariffs), for the orders carried out on our Internet site. The expenses of delivery are with the load and are likely to vary according to the tariffs of the conveyor.

    For any request for delivery the following day before 16h00, the Customer commits himself carrying out his order the day before day of delivery, before 12h00. Subject to service road of the destination chosen by the Customer.
  • Delivery terms
     The delivery terms of our articles are controls by the General Conditions of Carriage established by the conveyor concerned according to the type of service used (the Post office, TNT or transport).

    According to General Conditions of carriage of the conveyors quoted above, we inform you that :

    If the customer misses of his residence during the delivery, a transit advice note will be left to him in its letter-box with the coordinates of the conveyor, so that the Customer can contact it in the 24 hours.
  • Delivery periods
    The delivery period is 3 to 10 days, according to the destination of the sending. This time can be shortened or lengthened according to the option of selected delivery. The delivery periods are given as an indication and without engagement of our share; no penalty nor request for allowance will be accepted by Crew Line.
  • Complaints
    By signing the delivery form, the Customer accepts the articles delivered in the state and consequently no complaint relating to this sudden damage lasting transport will be accepted. It is responsibility for the Customer to carry out all checks and to make all reserves detailed on arrival of the goods and to exert, if necessary, any recourse against the conveyor.

    It is up to the Customer to check the contents of the parcel at the time of the delivery and to express the reservations, if necessary, on the delivery form in the presence of the conveyor. These reserves will have to be addressed to Crew Line by e-mail: contact@crewlinesports.com, or fax: 04 79 44 12 17 within 2 working days as from the shortly after the delivery date of the parcel, in the absence of what the right to the complaint will cease being acquired. The delivery of the parcel means the first presentation of the parcel to the address indicated by the Customer during the ordering. The sales department of Crew Line will do what is necessary as soon as possible to cure the problem.

8- Right of revocation - Returns - Exchanges

Crew Line is committed providing to its customers best possible quality.

  • At the end of the article L 121-20, subparagraph 1st code of Consumption. The Customer has a 14 days deadline to exert his right of revocation, without having to justify reasons, nor to pay penalties, except, if necessary, of the expenses of return.
  • The Customer has 14 days as from the delivery date to ask for the exchange of the articles.
    No exchange will be accepted without preliminary authorization of Crew Line.
    No exchange will be authorized on personalized orders.
    Any return of goods will have to be the subject of prior agreement of Crew Line.
  • The expenses of return are the responsibility of the Customer. Crew Line is not responsible for the returns lost by the conveyor of the Customer.
  • The returns in against-refunding will not be accepted.
  • No return will be accepted beyond 14 days following the original date.
  • Crew Line is committed carrying out the exchange or the refunding of the articles subject to their perfect state.
  • The returned goods in bad condition neither will be exchanged, nor refunded.
  • The exchange for justified reason, is free, you do not pay a new contractual participation at the expenses of sending.
  • As of reception of the return of goods, we will carry out the refunding of the initial amount of your order, excluded costs carriage, in order to avoid any abuse.

The returns must be addressed to:
Crew Line
le Gojat
73470 Novalaise
Tel: 04 79 44 12 16/Fax: 04 79 44 12 17

9- Litigations

In the event of litigation, only the court of Chambery competent east.

10- Counterfeiting

In accordance with the laws in force, it is prohibited, under penalty of continuations, to reproduce entirely or partly the models which it will have bought or which he will have seen. It is also interdict to transmit to thirds information allowing the reproduction, total or partial of these models, in which case, it would be made guilty of complicity of offence of counterfeit.

11- Legal information

The information of the personal information collected for purposes of the remote sale is obligatory, this information being essential for the treatment and the routing of the orders, the establishment of the invoices. The defect of information involves the not-validation of the order. In accordance with data-processing law the “and Freedoms”, the personal data processing relating to the customers was the declaration object near the national Commission of Data processing and freedoms (CNIL). The Customer has (art 34 of the law of the January 6, 1978) a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data which relate to it, that it can exert at Crew Line. Moreover, Crew Line is committed not communicating, free or with counterpart, the co-ordinates of its customers to thirds.

Information in connection with your order placed on our Internet site is the subject of an automated processing of data for which the person in charge is
e-transactions/Crédit Agricole.

Crew Line
le Gojat
73470 Novalaise
Tel: 04 79 44 12 16 / Fax: 04 79 44 12 17

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