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The dye-sublimation print technology offers long-lasting quality, on technical materials such as Lycra or Supplex (100% polyester).
The logo is printed and transferred hot on the substrate (clothing, bag, cap...) thanks to a professional heat press in our workshops.
This technique suits fabrics containing, as a minimum, 60% polyester.
Sublimation is applied to white fabrics to print logos or to clothing with a specific graphic style. Long-lasting quality.



Flocking is a smooth pattern applied hot on the substrate (clothing, bag, cap...) thanks to a professional heat press in our workshops. It is ideal for marking fabrics (cotton, polyester or other), with 1 colour and for small series productions. This technique uses thermo-flocking process and is good value for money.



The screen-printing process offers long-lasting quality and is used for large quantity productions as it requires technical costs and a screen to be created. Ideal for printing logos with finer details.Screen-printingScreen-printingScreen-printingScreen-printingScreen-printing


Embroidery is a classical marking technique; this translates to increasing the beauty and value of clothing. Any coloured thread may be used according to the chosen pattern. We make all our embroidery in our workshops based in Rhône-Alpes (France). We upload ourselves the graphics into our embroidery programs, which assures a professional work and respect of your logos.

Warning: Big embroideries are not recommended on technical fabrics as it would alter the fabric properties. This technique is the most expensive as it requires design costs, but ensures long-lasting quality. The costs of embroidery programs are only to be paid the first time. We will not invoiced them neither for a restocking nor for customizing a new substrate (cap, sport bag, tshirt..).


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Other achievementsOther achievementsOther achievementsOther achievementsOther achievementsOther achievementsOther achievements
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